Saturday, July 05, 2008

Photo Hunters: Pointed

Pointed glare (Marriott gives me a glare because she doesn't want her photo taken, July 2008)

Pointed teeth (Thor has lots of pointy teeth, taken in February 2008)

Pointed buildings (part of the Chicago skyline including the John Hancock building points skyward during this photo taken from the Odyssey lake cruise, July 2005)

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  1. Beautiful picture of Chicago! I've been on the dinner cruises. Fun time.

  2. Oh and nice picture of your friend and the doggie.

  3. Hi Thor! I have pointy teeths, too. They are very good for biting. Even though I am not supposed to bite.

  4. Great pictures. I like the pointed gaze!

    Check out my entry here.

  5. @The Hunter's Wife -- Thanks! I really enjoyed the dinner cruise. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to get out on the water and see the city that way. And I'm particularly happy with this photo. It's one of my most viewed on Flickr.

    @Daisy -- I saw that photo of you biting your Mommy's hand. That's very naughty. Kitty teeths are very pointy, indeed.

    @Clara -- Thanks. That was my friend who told me that I take "hideous people pictures". She said it with love, of course. :)

  6. Anonymous7/09/2008

    I love the skyline shot the best.

    Mine is here:


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