Thursday, July 03, 2008

An open mic night with Don MFH

I love it when blogging and real life come together. Even though, in this instance, real life had a head start.

Tuesday night, I met up with a blogging friend who was in town for a few days. Don M.F.H. (Driving to Oahu) and I worked together back in my newspaper days, but since we both switched jobs and he moved to the Boston area, our connection has moved to the blogosphere.

part of the tin ceiling at FitzgeraldsAfter work, I met him at a place called Fitzgerald's. It's an old pub in Berwyn, not far from the Chicago border, dating back to Prohibition days. We were there for an open mic night so Don could read from his book Baptized in Formaldehyde.

Don Hammontree reading from his book Baptized in Formaldehyde

Open mic nights seem to be a perfect venue for him to promote his book, what with the whole rock band theme. The reading went well, there were several laughs, and Don sold a few copies. I'm not so sure that if (positive thinking: when) I ever sell a book, I'll be able to stand in front of a crowd of strangers and read from it. Something to strive for, I guess.

It was a fun night. We got to catch up, talk about old times, and visit with some of Don's family and friends. I even tried to play his photo muse. I'm not sure if the pictures of me will turn out. The light was failing quickly, and I had that ragged, just-got-off-of-work look about me. There was no white nightgown involved. Just some very casual shots.

(Don, in case you can't tell, yes, I'm eager to know about the photos. Oh, and friendly reminder: Can you send me a new copy of Another Day Like Today?)

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