Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Doodle Outer Space

Today's theme for Doodle Week is Outer Space. Here's my representation of outer space, doodled using the airbrush tool on Paint Shop Pro.

As a bonus, I'm adding some doodles that were made at work the past few days. Some friends and I set up a Doodle Spot and announced all the themes to the company, inviting people to come over and contribute. They could either post paper doodles on the cubicle wall or draw on one of the two white boards.

The Doodle Spot during setup on Friday. A few people got into things early and posted pre doodles.

The Doodle Spot at the end of the day Monday.

Click here for more about Doodle Week and to find more Doodle Week participants.


  1. I love your outer space. It would be great as desktop wallpaper, very wavy and glittery looking.

  2. Your outer space doodle is great! I use PSP for my doodles, too. Do you have a tablet or do you use a mouse like I do?

    Those are wonderful doodles from your office mates.

    Thanks for sharing them!


  3. That is a beautiful doodle. Nice change from the funny doodles.

  4. Oh, I want the software! Very nice!

  5. It's almost space reflected in a gentle ocean.

  6. Anonymous7/15/2008

    I got one of my coworkers involved in Doodle Week. (He's on the Flickr site as Renterprize.) I'm trying to convince him we should hang our doodles in the IT common area. Knowing others are doing it, he may come around to my way of thinking.

    Can you believe I've never tried doodling with Photoshop? I wonder why. Oh yes! Pens... markers!!

  7. I love your outer space doodle What a great idea to get your office mates involved. They did some really cool drawings too.

    I work from home, so it has to be a solitary activity for me. I guess that's why I enjoy organized blog activities so much :).

  8. I think it is SOOO cool that you had people doodling at work.

    And I love love love your outer space. I am still behind on uploading mine, but hopefully I can catch up tomorrow.

  9. Love your outter space doodle! Well they're all great, but that one would make a great pattern for material or something :)

  10. That's beautiful!

  11. I really like your outerspace doodle! I should try doing something in Paintshop instead of just scribbling by hand - not that the quality's likely to improve, but I could get pretty colours.
    Also, involving your co-workers in Doodle Week is a great idea! Shame I'm working from home this week - I suppose I stick my own ones up on the wall to keep me entertained.

  12. My doodling suck a big one, your doodles look so nice and perfect. No fair!

  13. @Laura -- Thanks. It's time for a new wallpaper. Maybe I'll switch. Unfortunately, I didn't make the doodle any bigger than 500 pixels, so it won't fill up much of the desktop.

    @Margaret -- Thanks. I use the mouse. Nothing so advanced as a tablet.

    @Jamie -- Thanks. I felt like trying something serious after my childish doodles on Monday.

    @WillThink4Wine -- It's actually old software. Nothing very fancy. Any paint program has an airbrush feature, I'm pretty sure.

    @Mark -- Thanks. That's a nice way of looking at it.

    @Kelly -- You have to go with the muse. If the muse wants you to use pens and markers, then thats what you've got to do. So have you had any luck talking Renterprize into showing his doodles in the office?

    @franscud -- Thanks. My office has really been pushing the social things lately, so it seemed like a natural fit.

    @Monique -- It's been fun this week doodling at work. I think my boss is especially keen on keeping it up past the week. We'll see. :) And you haven't posted your doodles yet! But you've had such good content, how can I complain?

    @Drowsey Monkey -- Thanks. I'm rather pleased with how it turned out, too.

    @Stine -- Thanks!

    @Catherine -- Thanks. I think it's fun to mix up the doodles. The week is long enough to try all sorts of different methods.

    @Dirty Laundry Diva -- Thanks, I think. :) Did you see the previous day's doodle? Very elementary.

  14. I love the dreamy quality of it :)

    What I really love is the effort that you put into doodle week and getting your work mates involved, it makes me all doodly happy :)

  15. @Claire -- Doodly happy, who can argue with that?


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