Monday, July 14, 2008

Doodle Bug!

It's Doodle Week again. Today's theme is Bugs. I doodled these bugs at lunch on a napkin, then photocopied them onto paper so that I could color them using highlighters. I'm not sure what the yellow things are on the right side. I think they're a new species of winged banana slugs. :) Click here for more about Doodle Week.


  1. Banana Slugs? I hope they're not in the Deep South, I loves me some bananers!

  2. Ah yes, the greater/lesser winged banana slug beasts they are gruesome!

  3. They are so cute! Can't wait to see tomorrows!

  4. I love the blue ants.

  5. I hope my new butterflies are as pretty as your doodles when they hatch.

  6. My favourite is the one that looks like a cat's head!! Great doodle Haley!

  7. ooooh, your bugs look like my bugs... Now I just have to upload them.

  8. Nice bugs! :) HDW

  9. @WillThink4Wine -- I think your bananas are pretty safe from this winged banana slugs. :)

    @Claire -- Very gruesome. Uck. Slugs.

    @Margaret -- Thanks!

    @Tina -- I originally doodled them on a napkin at lunch time, so ants seemed perfectly appropriate. As for blue, I was limited by the my highlighter collection. :)

    @Daisy -- I know your butterflies will be so much more pretty than any doodle when they hatch. Are you going to doodle this week, Miss Daisy?

    @Fragileheart -- The cat's head. Yeah. Which is my very bad attempt at an upside-down lady bug... Thanks! I'm trying.

    @Monique -- I'm still waiting to see those doodles, Miss Monique. :P

    @Carol -- Thanks! Happy Doodle Week to you, too.


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