Friday, June 06, 2008

World of "Wifecraft"

LOL. Thanks Eric for sending me a link to this.

It's all about teaching your power-gaming husband how to put as much effort into your marriage as he does into playing World of Warcraft. (Of course, I play as much WoW as my husband, but it's still funny.) Someone even pulls a Leeroy Jenkins at the end. :)

Unfortunately, I'm having trouble embedding this video, so, instead, I'll send you to the link on Kontraband.

Or wait! I found it on YouTube. It's a little bit raw, but those raw bits are bleeped.


  1. Wow, I've never gotten into computer games after the Atari we had when our kids were young. I know my DIL was thrilled when they were robbed that my son's (her husband) game consul was stolen.
    Do you think playing video games is more of a guy thing than a girls?

  2. @MamaFlo -- I think for our generations, it's certainly true that video games are more of a guy thing. But I've read that more and more girls are getting into gaming, in fact they're a huge growth market. There's a bigger variety of games on the market now that appeal to girls, and girls are proactively seeking them out. In my own adventures playing World of Warcraft, I know A LOT of women who play.

  3. So Haley, what level are you? :-)

  4. @Rudy -- LOL. Since I have boobs, I'm naturally level 70. :)

    And in reality, in game, I have a level 70 character, too. A hunter.

  5. I have no idea what the game is about and I've never tried online gaming. Even with my boobs...don't think I would be level 70. The link you had was funny and without knowing gaming I got the picture.

  6. ROFL! OMG, Haley, I'm laughing so hard I have tears rolling down my face! I sent the YouTube link to my husband who has uncountable level 70 characters. After he watches it, perhaps the kitchen will actually stay clean from moment to moment. Oh! 50 gold pieces every time he puts the toilet seat down! See how generous I am?

    That totally made my morning! Thanks!

  7. haha that was funny! I've stopped playing WoW but that was almost as good as the more dots video! I've been closed beta testing Warhammer Online, it looks very promising and quite a few husband and wife couples are testing it right now as well. You would be surprised how many women play video games these days. :)

  8. @The Hunter's Wife -- I'm happy to hear the the humor works even when you don't know the game. As for online gaming, maybe you should check it out. That might be a way for you and your hunter to go shoot something together, without all that inconvenience of actually going hunting. :)

    @Kelly -- I'm happy I made your morning. They do say that positive reinforcement works. But those gold pieces might get rather expensive.

    @Brady Frost -- I'm not at all surprised at how many women play these days. I run into quite a few of them on my own adventures. :) Warhammer Online sounds interesting. Lucky you, getting a key to the beta!


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