Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Spore-lings at large

So, there's this game called Spore that has been in the works for AGES. I mean, I blogged about it being in development two years ago.

It's a hugely complex game from the creator of TheSims and SimCity that involves creating a creature, nurturing it and its offspring, developing a civilization and eventually going into space. They're marketing it a "massively single-player game".

Anyway, they finally released the first part of the game today called the Spore Creature Creator, which you use to create your customized creature. The full game isn't released until September, but creatures created by the Spore Creature Creator now will be used to populate the game once it is released. (Read more about it here.)

My husband has been excited about Spore for years, and was on the Spore website today and playing with the Spore Creature Creator. He even went so far as to post a video of it to YouTube.

I'm sure he'll have me creating my own creature soon enough. If I make something interesting, perhaps I'll post it.

Update 6/18/08: Last night I took my turn at the Spore Creature Creator and designed my own creature named Whiplash.

The program has built-in capabilities to record video, plus makes it easy to upload to YouTube, which is probably why YouTube might appear flooded with videos of Spore creations. Here's my effort. I love the way he emotes, especially when the background changes or his youngling appears/disappears.

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