Monday, June 02, 2008

At large: Rikatakufu

I saw this "Japanese name meme" on both Mama Flo's site and On the Bricks. Because it looks fun and silly (and doesn't require much creative effort), I'm self-tagging myself.

Based on the chart below, this blog and my name "translate" to:

The Beacon = Chiriku Tukukamimoto

Haley = Rikatakufu

Feel free to self-tag yourself on this one. How does your name "translate"?


  1. Hi Haley! ummm, I mean Rika!!! ;)
    LOL! That's great that you joined in.
    Hope you have a great week! :)

  2. Anonymous6/02/2008

    I am Mekutatafu and I write the Kakushichikuto Kashichi blog. And I'll bet more people pronounce "Kakushichikuto" correctly than "Aerten." :)

  3. My name is Rinkashime. My website comes out as Tokumototudotututaku which was also the name of the Aztec God of Drifting Off To Sleep And Half-Dreaming That You've Tripped Over The Pavement Causing You To Jerk Awake. One of the better Gods. Sacrifice-Free.

  4. @Chilly -- Thanks. I am having a good week, I think. It's not over yet.

    @Kelly -- Um. How do you pronounce Aerten? I think of it as "Are-Tin", but that Gaelic is a funny language and I could be way off. It is Gaelic, right?

    @Mark -- He's rather a niche god, isn't he? But sacrifice-free? That's a major plus!


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