Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Landscaper's Apprentice

Thor helps by trimming the decorative grass

Loki looks like a queen surveying her domainI know, dog photos two days in a row. In the top photo, Thor decides to help me with my landscaping by trimming my decorative grass. At right, Loki surveys her domain from the patio stoop.


  1. What a cute assistant! hehe :-)

  2. Cute pics - love the paws stretched out!

  3. Gardening looks like a fun job for a dog!

    Loki, I hope you had a very wonderful birthday!

  4. I want to meet your dog, too cute. I'm looking into adopting one of our own. I love dogs too much, to be without one.

  5. thanks for dropping your EC on my blog...

    my wordless wednesday is up here..

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    happy wordless wednesday..

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  6. I think it's funny how dogs eat grass. I was told when I was very small, after asking why, that they eat grass to help settle their stomach. Who knows if it's actually true, but it sounded believable at the time.

  7. Luv Dogs ~ have a Granddog Black Lab that we babysat for this weekend! Dogs love us unconditionally, don't they?

    Cindi @ Moomette's Mama Mentor Blog

  8. Oh my such an adorable picture. I simply love all animals.

    You got a great shot in.

    And belated Happy Birthday to Loki!:D

  9. Hi everyone! Loki and Thor thank for for all your kind words. They love praise. Loki would tell you that her birthday was wonderful. Lots of yummy treats.

    @Brady -- I've heard the same thing about why dogs eat grass, but in this case, they're eating the grass because they like it. They're over there all the time. I'm constantly shooing them out of my plant bed. In fact my husband grumbled to me because I took this photo instead of instantly shooing Thor away. :)


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