Monday, May 12, 2008

Doodle Catchup

Doodle Week badgeI may not have posted any doodles over the weekend, but that's not to say that I didn't have doodles on the mind. Now it's time to play a little catchup with my doodling for Doodle Week.

Doodle Week badgeSaturday's theme was Doodle Animals. I created these lovely two doodles in Paint Shop Pro, using geometric shapes.

My Doodle for May 10 -- Doodle Animal (Doodle Dog)My Doodle for May 10 -- Doodle Animal (Doodle Cat)

Doodle Week badgeSunday's theme was Doodle Flowers. I took some liberties and stretched the definition of a doodle for this contribution. It was created following Mother's Day brunch, using little decorative dishes from the table. While I was the instigator and photographer, my nephew actually crafted this doodle.

My Doodle for May 11 -- Live-Action Doodle Flower

Doodle Week badgeTodays's theme is Doodle Daydream. So, I grabbed some golden-rod colored paper and doodled up a daydream.

Notice that it incorporates the previous themes of animals and flowers. And cats. There's a special incentive to use cats in doodles today (See Mo's Manic Monday challenge), so I doodled in some stick-figure cats.

This photo of my doodle is taken with my camera phone. The doodle is hanging from my cubicle wall.

My Doodle for May 12 -- Doodle Daydream


  1. It's Monday night, and we have 86 blogs that have participated in our Manic Monday Cat Doodle Fun Fund Raiser!
    That's $43 for Cat Friends Helping Friends!

  2. I was bad! I thought I had commented here but I had just read it through my feed reader :(

    I suck!

    I love the geometric doodles they are rather cool.

    I think the nephew was inspired with the dishes arrangement and the photograph looks very artsy.


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