Friday, April 11, 2008

A Beacon Time Capsule - April 6-12

Photojojo has this really cool feature where, twice a month, they email me a photo time capsule of photos that I posted to my Flickr account a year prior.

As they explain on the Photojojo time capsule website:
"Now everyone and their aunt Sally's got a digital camera, and you don't take a few photos at a time, you take a few dozen. You may even take a photo every day. But every photo's still precious. And it's kind of sad that when you take so many photos, you tend to forget that. That's why we made the Photo Time Capsule. Photo Time Capsule won’t let your best photos be forgotten."
It seems to me that something similar could be said for blogging. So, I thought it might be nice to implement a time capsule for The Beacon starting this week, and then running every Sunday.

Unfortunately, I didn't pick the strongest week to start, as I was on a blogging hiatus one year ago and focused on my Dad's death the other year. But, no matter, I have to start somewhere.

A Beacon time capsule

A year ago, I was blogging about:
I was on a blogging hiatus.

Two years ago, I was blogging about:
  • Where Fiction Meets Reality -- about a company's efforts to bioengineer real mythical creatures.

  • Haley's Dad
  • Then I got all serious and blogged extensively about the one-year anniversary since my Dad's death with Fathers and Heart Attacks, 'Aneurysm Tests Urged in Older Men Who Smoked', One year on since Dad's death, Grief and journeys.

  • Prior to that:
    This blog didn't yet exist, and I haven't back-posted anything relevant.

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