Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Writing: Q&A with the Spice editor

Spice Briefs logoOne of my writing/critique partners, Grace d'Otare, recently published a short erotica story for Spice Briefs through

Right now on the Harlequin forums, there's a Q&A discussion going on with the Spice editor, Susan Pezzack Swinwood, about what they're looking for in Spice and how the process works. (As way of background: Spice is the full-length printed novel format, and Spice Briefs are the short-story electronic download format.)

As I'm slowly (I emphasize *slowly*) working on my own submission for Spice Briefs, I find the discussion wonderfully informative, especially the information about the editing process and audible versions. Check it out here. Oh, and beware of the clown jokes -- I mean, who wouldn't want to buy a collection of clown erotica? (And if you do, talk to author Megan Hart. It's her idea.)

On a similar vein, there's also a forum discussion going on amongst the Spice writers with a lot more good information about writing, especially in a short format. Check out To be Brief...


  1. Interesting stuff. Some real insight into exactly what the market is looking for. But clowns?! Ugh...

  2. beeker3/06/2008

    Clowns scare me, so clown erotica sounds like torture. Good luck with your writing and let us know when its published!

  3. Yeah, I'm not so much into clowns either.

    As for my work-in-progress, I have to finish it and sell it before it can get published. Trust me, if I do that, there will be lots of announcements on this site. :P


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