Friday, March 21, 2008

This week's hodge-podge of discoveries

~Random ramblings from the past week~

Eddie Izzard is touring again
Thank you to Beeker for posting about Eddie Izzard, because that's how I learned that he was touring again and tickets for his Chicago performances would go on sale last Sunday. So I organized a group of Eddie-loving friends and bought tickets. If you haven't discovered Eddie Izzard, you're in for a treat. Beeker has a clip from Eddie's "Dress to Kill" performance, so I thought I'd post something a little different that I found on Wilko's Blog -- a Lego-ized version of one of Eddie's most popular sketches from the same show. Tea and cake, or death?

Viking Metal
I actually discovered this last month, but earlier this week I found myself on El Gigante Verdoso with the luxury of being able to click on the YouTube links, so I got to listen to the Viking Metal again. Viking metal. Hmmm... Oddly compelling. Slightly amusing? (I know, I should never call metal amusing, but some of the really hard core stuff/death metal does that to me. I think I'm mostly amused by the fact that I find it so intriguing.) So I went to iTunes and explored, but unfortunately I couldn't find Ensiferum listed. I did find their MySpace page, though. Apparently they'll be in Chicago on May 1. Since I'm trying to craft some Viking characters, maybe I'll find some inspiration there...

The Dog's Bollocks
I knew bollocks were bad, but I didn't know the dog's bollocks were good (that's why he licks them!). Thanks, Candy, for educating me. :)

Cutest Easter Puppy Photos
Of course they feature Bernese Mountain Dogs, because Berners are some of the cutest puppies period. (Yes, I'm a little biased. I admit.) I'd post a photo, but they're not mine and they're copyrighted. Follow the link and explore the Flicker set.


  1. Hey :) Thanks for reading about them! Cool man. (Love your site, btw... I'll be back - not least because you posted the cake or death clip.)

  2. beeker3/21/2008

    I love the Lego Eddie Izzard clips! Thanks for the mention. Cake or Death? Have a great weekend.


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