Saturday, March 15, 2008

Life: Big Trouble with The Friday Five

Five questions as posed by The Friday Five and my responses:

1. What were the events that led to your being in the most trouble with your parents ever?

The summer after my senior year in high school, my parents and sister were away for the weekend, so I invited over my then-boyfriend (now-husband) and a few others for an overnight party. Fatal mistake: I didn't check the machine to hear my parents' message that they'd be on an earlier flight in the morning. So, the driveway was full of cars and people were still waking up when my parents got home...

Fortunately for me, I was leaving on a six-week trip with my grandfather in a few days, and it would have "killed my grandfather" to not let me go. I was able to get out of dodge and the smoke had pretty much cleared by the time my parents met up with us on the trip four weeks later. Also fortunately for me, I was a pretty good kid with a decent track record. (Except for that other party that caused me to be grounded from the car for two weeks.)

2. What happened when you received your worst childhood physical injury?

The worst injury I had was a few stitches in the bottom of my foot. I was painting some closets in the house and had gone into the basement barefoot. I hit my foot against the corner of a toolbox and tore it open pretty good.

3. What was the worst trouble you ever got into in school?

Wow! Am I boring or what? Worst trouble in school? A few detentions for being chronically late.

4. What kind of trouble have you been in at work?

There was a management mixup when I was waitressing. I had arranged to swap shifts with another waitress, and it didn't get recorded correctly. They thought I no-showed and wrote me off as having quit. You'd think they would have tried harder to get ahold of me. Imagine my surprise when I showed up the next day. Worse yet, they discipled *me* for their error. And what about the girl I swapped with? She showed up for the shift, and like a ditz let them send her home because she wasn't scheduled to work.

5. How do you usually deal with the knowledge that you’re about to be in big trouble?

Panic. A lot. I don't deal with it well at all. That's why I behave myself. Did you see the How Evil Are You? quiz a few days ago? :)


  1. My childhood physical injury (falling off a bike) resulted in my lifelong inability to ride a bike due to psychological trauma. This means I can never join The Amazing Race. T_T

  2. beeker3/17/2008

    I hate the feeling that I get when I know I am about to be in trouble. My heart sinks to the bottom of my stomach and I can feel the tears fighting to push their way out. My disappointment in myself is what hurts the most.

  3. @Evilwoobie -- Hmmm... I've read your site... It seems to me you have an inner demon to confront here. :P

    @Beeker -- Exactly. It's the disappointment in myself that hurts so much. I'm very tolerant of mistakes that others make, but have a different expectation for myself, which can actually be very crippling.


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