Monday, March 10, 2008

At Large: Writing, Life and the World...

Maybe you've noticed, maybe you haven't. In an effort to tame this broadly focused blog of mine, I've started using tags in the headlines of each of my posts. The tags are based on my old description for this blog, which was "Illuminating writing, life and the world at large."

the World
at large

Writing: These posts have to do with the subject of writing.

Life: These posts are my personal journal posts.

The World: Happenings from around the world that don't necessarily impact me, but I find them interesting.

At Large: The fun stuff, like quizzes, some memes and random things that don't fit the other headings, like posts about the blogosphere in general.

Every once in a while a post will come through with no tag, and that's because I think it covers the broad spectrum, such as the Things I've discovered posts that I've started running on Fridays.

The added benefit to me of doing these tags is that I can easily filter out the articles that I don't want syndicated in the BlogRush widget (see the right column of this blog).

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