Monday, February 04, 2008

Plenty of blood, but no sexy vampires

I work in the blood industry. The romance writer in me instantly wants to start talking about vampires after a statement like that, but, alas, this isn't about vampires.

Nope. I work in the blood industry for a company that writes software used by blood banks to keep track of donors and test results and to decide whether blood is safe to transfuse. My job is in the quality assurance area, so you *know* it deals with lots of regulations and other things that will make your eyes glaze over.

See, aren't vampires more interesting?

My point with the boring work stuff is just to say that a lot of my coworkers are former blood-bankers and I have an appreciation for the blood-banking side of things. So when a writer I know from my Windy City Romance Writers group wrote about donating blood recently, I perked up.

Manic Mommy, as she calls herself in her blog, posted a really entertaining account of her latest trip to donate blood, then followed it up with a challenge and a chance at a prize for anyone who donates before Valentine's Day.

It's a hugely worthwhile cause, especially because winter is a time notoriously slow at blood banks. A low blood supply translates to low stocks of blood at hospitals.

So, read her post, donate blood and enter her contest. And if for some reason you can't donate (like me) try to draft some others to donate instead (like what I'm doing to you here).

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