Monday, February 25, 2008

The Call: Memories of Acceptance

I wish this post were about me getting "The Call", but it's not.

This is about a series of posts on the Spice Briefs MySpace page about the different Spice authors remembering when they got their call of acceptance from Spice.

My favorite story is the one posted by Grace d'Otare, because I'm mentioned in it. :)
It all started about a year ago. Some girlfriends and I were up late, drinking wine, and playing a game I like to think of as 'Writer's Grown-up Barbies.'

We imagined a mysterious castle with towers, window seats, a glass conservatory, a creepy dungeon and plenty of secret stairways. Then we filled it with fantasy couples, all telling each other stories-- sexy stories -- around a massive stone fireplace. There's a wicked storm outside. The lights go out....What would they say in front of each other? What would they hold back? What would happen when each couple got back to their room?
In case you're wondering, even though Grace had her novella published, the other girlfriends mentioned are still plugging away at their projects. Unfortunately for me, the plugging process is going rather slowly.

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