Thursday, January 03, 2008

History lessons

This is one of my favorite photos from a weekend excursion with Jules and JC to the Chicago History Museum. Wait, I can't decide between the one on top or the one at right? There's just something I like about that bronze bull's head. Opinions?

Regardless, we finally visited the museum after it was overhauled, redesigned and renamed a year or so ago. Out the door went the stodgy "Chicago Historical Society" moniker and in came the new "Chicago History Museum".

It was a fun time. The exhibits were interesting, although the Crossroads audio tour got a little bit long at times.

Particularly memorable aspects of the museum? For me, it's the same thing that stuck in my memory after my first visit as a Brownie Girl Scout 30 years ago: the melted glass-and-metal artifacts from the Great Chicago Fire. (To view the rest of my photos from the museum, visit my Chicago set on Flickr.)

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