Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Loki and Thor report

From an email from home:

Well, I am back at the house and it is good to see Loki and Thor. I missed them so much.

I love knowing that they are talented. Loki talked on demand and Thor gave me his paw. I love the game where they stay and I call them, so we did that once before the rain came.

Does Loki beg you guys for human food? It is so cute because she just stares at me. She does not do anything to bother me but her stare makes me feel so guilty. I do not give them anything. I don't want to ruin their appetites for dinner or breakfast.

Loki and Thor seem super happy. It is nice because Thor is already warm to me and gave me a kiss and sat on top of me. He cracks me up.


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