Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day, finally

All the negative campaigning will soon be over. Can't wait. Living in one of the most watched Congressional district races in the country has been quite an experience. Add that to the questionable characters running for Illinois governor, and this has truly been a long, nasty election season.

I'm tired of all the automated phone calls, the pollsters, the mass mailings, the television commercials.

I voted. I did my duty.

Now to wait for the returns. And probably curl up with some Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert election coverage tonight.

Oh, and then the 2008 presidential race starts tomorrow. What fun.


  1. Write in Randy Stufflebeam for Governor! The only candidate that is pro life and against same sex marriage. He represents the middle-class and the constitutional rights. Find out more about Randy at www.runrandyrun.com

  2. Interesting. Never heard of Stufflebeam. Apparently he's a write-in for the Illinois governor race. Can't say that I'm fully aligned with his platform...

    This shows how badly people want alternative candidates in the governor's race. I suspect that the third-party candidate on the ballot (Green Party) will do fairly respectably for a third party, and not necessarily because people are aligned with his platform, either.


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