Friday, October 27, 2006

This sucks

A few years ago, my husband's 80-something-year-old great-aunt came to visit from Scotland. She's a fun lady with the motto that she doesn't go to bed on the same day she wakes up, and she kicked our butts at Balderdash, already knowing the correct definitions for some of the silliest words.

For whatever reason, we must have used the word "sucks" a lot -- as in "this sucks" -- during that visit because she went home and started using it. Imagine her surprise when someone pointed out that it wasn't exactly a polite expression. "Sucks" immediately fell out of her vocabulary.

The next time she came to visit, she told us the story. From then on we kept trying to get her pick up new words from us, but she'd have none of it. Not even an innocent Homer Simpson "D'0h!"

Since I just used "D'oh!" in the previous post, it made me think of the story. Aunt Chrissy is still going strong. Just wish we could get to Scotland soon and visit her.

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