Monday, August 14, 2006

PGA Championship at Medinah

Practice rounds start today for the PGA Championship. I normally wouldn't care, but I have to pass the Medinah Country Club to get to the expressway to get to work. Signs pointing to parking lots have been up for at least two weeks. I have no idea what to expect this week.

I've lived within a few miles of the country club for decades through U.S. Opens and PGA Championships, but never on this side of it, which appears like it will get most of the traffic. I may have to explore alternate routes.

The PGA website has an interesting writeup about the history of the club: Medinah Country Club, a look at a golfer’s paradise.

I've only ever been in the country club once, back in high school to be inducted into the National Honor Society. The high school I attended is across the street from the country club, and the country club was always generous about letting the school use the facility for some events. My sister even got to go to her proms there. But alas, the school switched to a bigger venue the year of my first prom.

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