Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lucy, Daughter Of The Devil

We were watching [adult swim] the other night and happened to catch the pilot for Lucy, Daughter of the Devil. Hilarious! Chick Lit meets The Omen. She's just a girl trying to make it in the big city, dating problems and exasperating, interfering father and all.

Here's the link to the episode on YouTube.

From the Cartoon Network pressroom:

Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil: What is evil incarnate to do when his daughter, Lucy, barely tolerates him and is dating a hippie DJ who could be the Second Coming? Well, first he tries to break up his daughter's new relationship by unleashing the dogs of hell, then he probably watches a little TV and goes to sleep early. Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil, created using CGI animation, comes from Loren Bouchard, producer of Home Movies and Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist, and stars Jon Benjamin (the voice of Coach McGuirk on Home Movies) as the Devil. Ten episodes are in production. The series will debut in late 2006.

I'm hoping the next episodes live up to the promise of the pilot.

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