Monday, June 12, 2006

Weather unfit for barbecuing and boating

Yes, it's still technically spring. But it's also after Memorial Day. It's June. For all intents, it's summer. So, we figured, we should have been safe planning summer activities for the weekend. Wrong.

It was freezing. OK, not quite, but still, rainy and in the high 50s/low 60s does not qualify as summer weather.

Anyone who tells me we didn't have a spring this year will get slapped. We had a spring. You just slept through it. It's been a great spring. But now it's time for summer. Not that I want to spend a ton of money on airconditioning. I just want it to be mid 70s. That would be perfect. Maybe an occasional foray into the mid 80s. I don't need the 90s. (Yeah, quit dreaming, you say. This is Chicago.)

Fine, my rant is now over. Now let me explain.

Saturday we planned a barbecue to celebrate a friend's birthday. Lesley came in from New York for the weekend. So, we went ahead with the barbecue, valiantly trying to stage it outdoors, but it was difficult. We improvised a sun in the "sky" and tried to "think" tropical.
It was a good effort, but for the most part we failed. Kyle even broke down and borrowed the "Snow Bunny" sweatshirt. We lasted outside for only about an hour, then moved the party indoors. (See: Karaoke madness Part 2).

The next day, Dave, Lesley and I we headed downtown for a Chicago River cruise. We had promised Lesley that if she came in for the weekend, we'd make sure we did this sightseeing trip. We survived, but not without warming up to some hot tea and soup afterward. Did I mention it's June?

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