Monday, June 12, 2006

Slumming the Golden Arches

Slumming the Golden Arches - Yahoo! News

Wow, does this ring true for me. I remember many trips where the sight of McDonald's was heaven. Something familiar. Something neutral. And yet a good way to judge the subtle differences. Friends often doubted me when I talked about the joy in visiting a McDonald's (or Pizza Hut or other fast food) in Canada, Australia, Japan or Europe.

And when family from Australia visited here, especially the younger ones, they found McDonald's equally as welcoming.

Although, I will also say that I've been on some trips where McDonald's was the last thing I wanted to see. Such as a cross-country drive with my girlfriend Marriott a few years ago along the old Route 66. We vowed to avoid all chain restaurants alltogether, instead seeking out local places. It wasn't until we hit Illinois that we let the rule slide.

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