Friday, June 02, 2006

How could I resist this book?

With a Berner on the cover, this book Guys & Dogs just screamed "Read me!" and, of course, I did.

It was a fun read. Unfortunately, the Berner wasn't nearly as important in the book as the Golden Retriever mix, but hey, the Berner got the cover space. The Berner in the book was also full-grown, while the cover shows a puppy. But, really, should I be complaining?

And it reminds me so much of Loki when she was a puppy. See?

Here she is when we went to visit her at 6 weeks old. (I'm not trying to slight Thor here, but he was 6 months old when we got him.)

The bio on the back cover flap for the author, Elaine Fox, shows her photographed with a Berner, so she must know what she's writing about. I "blame" it on the art department. (Good marketing, though. It sold me!)

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