Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Whiskey delivered and a wedding 'comemmOrated'

My two bottles of Hotaling's whiskey arrived safely, and one was immediately repackaged and transported to New York over the weekend to give to a friend from our San Francisco days.

That same bottle will then be transported across the pond to London, where Marc will, I hope, put it somewhere near his Golden Gate Bridge dining table. It will be one well-traveled bottle of whiskey (San Francisco - Chicago - New York - London).

Marc and Lesley also had a gift for me. A year ago, when Prince Charles married Camilla, I asked if they could pick up some sort of souvenir for me -- perhaps a tea cup if it wasn't too much effort. I thought it would be a hoot to have. A lark. Well, Marc and Lesley delivered, and then some. LOL. This cup is classic. Typo and grainy photos and all. (Even the wrong date, since the wedding was delayed by a few days for Pope John Paul II's funeral.) My husband has already called dibs on it. Any time he needs to use a mug, he promises, it will be that mug.

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