Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Top of the Rock

The only truly touristy thing we did in New York was go to the Top of the Rock, which is the observation deck on the Rockefeller Center building. At $20 a person, it was a bit expensive, but the views were incredible.

Even though it's not the tallest building (70 floors), with their use of Plexiglas screens, being on the outdoor observation decks really gives an unprotected, "out-there" feeling.

Certain people in our group found it especially disconcerting. (Not me. I was right up there, sticking my camera between the panels.) As the official website says: "Panels of fully transparent safety glass -- the only thing between our visitors and the city -- are crystal clear for unobstructed, open-air viewing." That certain person among us would swear that the panels moved.

The top photo is of the Empire State Building, dressed up in red, white and blue, through the railing on the top-level observation deck. The middle photo is looking across at the middle level observation deck. The photo at right is the "Target® Breezeway, a cutting edge, interactive multi-media experience that puts a human touch on motion-detection technology, using the movements of our visitors as its catalyst."

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