Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Kissing, cards and other things Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day, so in an effort to acknowledge what the Romance Wiki calls "the official holiday of romance novels," I've collected some interesting Valentine's Day articles from around the Web. Some of these might require free registrations to web sites.

Here's a link to a New York Times article that talks about the origins of kissing. Who knew that "only humans and our lascivious primate cousins the bonobos engage in full-fledged tongue-on-tongue tonsil-hockey"?

Here's one from the Chicago Tribune that looks into how Valentine's Day cards are created. Did you know that the top selling card was the same in all the major American cities last year? The message inside is simple: "Each time I see you, hold you, think of you, here's what I do ... I fall deeply, madly, happily in love with you. Happy Valentine's Day."

The BBC has a whole slew of interesting Valentine's Day articles. Such as this one about a 50-year Valentine's Day puzzle, in which a couple has been receiving a card a year from a mystery person. And this one on Chinese romantics seeking nose jobs. And this one on why many Japanese women are less than fond of Valentine's Day.

OK, so they're not all so romantic, especially the last two, but they're still fun. Enjoy!

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