Wednesday, November 30, 2005

First Kiss finalist!

I got home from work to a mailbox jammed with mail yesterday. Inside was an envelope with a contest entry return. Bummer, I thought. That means I didn't final.


I’m a finalist in the New England Chapter First Kiss Contest and am being judged by Beth de Guzman at Warner Books!

I already have the score sheets, and the first-round judges had nothing but positive things to say. The coordinator wrote on my letter that in her memory, this is the first perfect score for their contest.

As one judge said: “I could not put this entry down... The characters jump off the page... Wonderfully, vividly, distinctively written... The writing was almost kinetic in its liveliness."

The other judge said: "Your presentation seemed flawless. Again, nicely done!"

It was just what I needed to read as I was staying up late making final changes to my Golden Heart entry... Looks like I'll be over-nighting that puppy.

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