Monday, December 01, 2008

Link love

It's the first of the month and time to thank those people who make blogging fun and to reflect a little on what's been happening this month with this blog.

Let me give a big thank you to my top EntreCard droppers for the past 31 days.
The Junk Drawer
On the Bricks
1 Blog and 2 Sides
Cromely's World
Moments Caught in Flight
EU Watch
I Do Things
Where the Long Tail Ends
Life's Context
Daisy the Curly Cat
Let me also give a big thank you to my top commenters. You keep the conversation going and make this blog more dynamic.
1. fragileheart (54)
2. Monique (29)
3. Claire (25)
4. Laura (20)
5. The Hunter's Wife (19)
6. Daisy (16)
7. Kelly (13)
8. Don M.F.H. (11)
9. Karina (11)
10. Periapex (10)

Blog stuff in stats

Here's an abbreviated update on the blog stats that I started posting last month.
Age of blog: 3 years and 4 months, approximately
Total posts: 564
Total unique visits (SiteMeter): 13,960
Total page views (SiteMeter): 18,836
Most viewed posts, ordered by popularity (Google Analytics):
A Steamy Romance Novel
Dear friend with whom I haven't spoken since 1993
Looking for hidden meanings
About me
Wordless Wednesday: San Francisco
Life: 8 Random Things About Me
Doodle Outer Space
Let's talk about Puerto Rican food
Life: I'm a card-carrying member...
Going for a blogging trifecta
Thank you everyone stopping by in November. I hope to see you many times in December, too. :)


  1.'re a nice blogger, sharin the luv. Our checks are in the mail, right? (Kidding, know most people do Paypal!)

    Just remember, I restrained myself....I could have taken Link Love a whole other direction! Who luvs ya, Haley? :-*

  2. Hello from Fresno.

    I am brand new to entrecard and just wanted to say thank you for the ad you bought. Much appreciated.

    I hope to make the above list for your month of December.

    Happy holidays.

    Joseph Hollak

  3. Thanks for the link love! I'm late seeing this because my link-back thingie hasn't been working right.


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