Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Link love and blog stats galore

Hey, that's two posts in a row with the word "galore" in the title. I would rewrite this headline, but after compiling all the information for this post, I'm feeling kind of lazy. Plus, I like "galore". It's a good word.

It used to be around the 15th of the month that I'd pass out my link love, but the 15th came and went in October, and there was no love distributed. *hangs face in shame*

So now let's pretend it's the first of the month and say that I'm starting a new tradition.

So, without further ado, let me give a big thank you to my top EntreCard droppers for the past 31 days. You guys make blogging fun by dropping by on a regular basis.

The Junk Drawer
Where the Long Tail Ends
Cromely's World
I Do Things
fragileheart.com | journal
Sharp Words
Blogging MoRe
Communique by Ivanhoe
Moments Caught in Flight

And also a big thank you to my top commenters. You guys make blogging fun by keeping the conversation going. Let's see if I can do a better job at the same.

1. fragileheart (52)
2. Monique (32)
3. Claire (28)
4. The Hunter's Wife (20)
5. Laura (19)
6. Daisy (16)
7. Kelly (13)
8. Don M.F.H. (11)
9. Periapex (7)
10. starbursidereus (7)

Blog stuff in stats

Now, just because I found it interesting, I thought I'd throw some blog stats in this post, sort of to shapshot a moment in the life of this blog. Maybe I'll include this information on a quarterly basis.

Age of blog: 3 years and 3 months, approximately
Total posts: 552
Total unique visits (SiteMeter): 13,201
Total page views (SiteMeter): 17,840

Top keywords used to search for my blog, ordered by popularity (Google Analytics):
Haley Hughes
steamy romance novels
Hotaling's whiskey
steamy novels
erotic getaway
free cycler
free online steamy romance novels
something fun
twins in society
I think my romance writing and erotica writing are having an effect on my search stats. Don't you think? I'm pretty sure that people are disappointed when the follow the link to the steamy romance novel and find a World of Warcraft screen shot. And when they're looking for that erotic getaway, they just find a post about my friends and me plotting a novel.

Most viewed posts, ordered by popularity (Google Analytics):
A Steamy Romance Novel
Dear friend with whom I haven't spoken since 1993
Looking for hidden meanings
About me
Wordless Wednesday: San Francisco
Life: 8 Random Things About Me
Doodle Outer Space
Let's talk about Puerto Rican food
Life: I'm a card-carrying member...
Going for a blogging trifecta

Best posts, ordered by score (Postrank.com):
Wordless Wednesday: Trapped
Dear friend with whom I haven't spoken since 1993
Wordless Wednesday: Dancing in the Park
Wordless Wednesday: Father's Day 1980
Doodle Outer Space
Wordless Wednesday: Camera Shy
Sky Watch Friday: Turtle
World of "Wifecraft"

Two of my favorite bloggers were nice enough to give me awards since the last time I handed out link love.

This one came from Jody at The Hunter's Wife, a humorous blog about life with a spouse who has an obsessive hobby that sometimes results in her having to decorate with animal parts.*
(*The description is mine.)

And this one came from Reggy at fragileheart.com | journal, where Reggy fantasizes about HIM and other things Irish, educates us about why we want to touch our own breasts on a regular basis, and challenges us to guess what she's dressing as for Halloween.*
(*The description is mine too.)

Now comes the hard part -- tagging others. I think the most honest thing I can do is list the blogs that I currently read regularly through my feed reader. These are blogs that regularly appear in my "Show on Blog" widget in the right column.

A little piece of me
Aerten Art
Beeker's Words
Blogging Monique Renae
Cromely's World
Daisy the Curly Cat
Driving to Oahu
fragileheart.com | journal
Life's Context
Sharp Words
That Grrl
The Hunter's Wife
The Junk Drawer | Humor for the Masses
Waterstone Photo: the blog

As I look at this list, which is already too long, even though theoretically because I have two different awards so I get double the number of tags*, I realize that I'm missing some. Which just proves that I follow too many blogs, plus I need to update my RSS subscriptions to get some of the other blogs I love.

*Official guidelines say to pass on the award to seven other blogs.


  1. Haley, Thanks for the link and us wives do what we have to do. :)

  2. Congratulations on your awards! And thank you ever so much for thinking of me, too. And I appreciate the link! I am smiling real big.

  3. Anonymous11/06/2008

    Thanks for the links! Glad you've been surviving your public speaking at work...

  4. Woo! Congrats on your awards, and thanks for the linky shout-out. I do love my Entrecard friends.

  5. I'm so behind on the times!!

    Thanks for the link love!! I don't do this at all and I think I really should... :-)


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