Sunday, July 20, 2008

My favorite posts from The Beacon's third year

In anticipation of my upcoming blogoversary on Sunday, I thought I'd take a look at my Top 10 favorite posts from the third year of this blog (July 21, 2007-July 20, 2008)

Here they are in chronological order:

In praise of my little yellow truck
August 3, 2007

This is an ode to my car. Yes. It hit 100,000 miles and I had to celebrate.
Oh, I remember when the little yellow truck was young. She cut her milk teeth on the steep grades of California Street in San Francisco, showing off for all those ancient cable cars chugging alongside her. She wasn't even a teenager yet when she carried Marriott and me cross-country to Chicago. (Am I carrying the metaphor too far? By "wasn't even a teenager yet" I mean she hadn't hit 10,000 miles. Oh, and did you catch the cross-country reference? Xterra. Cross-country. Get it? Talk to me privately if you didn't.)

My worst nightmare actually turned out kind of funny
October 10, 2007

About a trip to the Renaissance Faire, and how I got called up onto stage to help with a skit.
Then he makes a big to-do about presenting me with the rose. He offers it, then pulls it away. Offers it again. I play along. Each time trying to take it, knowing that he'll flirtatiously pull it away again. Each time the crowd laughs. Each time I laugh.

Another scary Ren Faire experience
October 10, 2007

On that same trip to the Renaissance Faire, I decided to take a whirl on the Pirate's Assault Catapault. Think bungee chords, a harness and a trampoline. Go.
There's not an amusement park ride that scares me, I boldly think. I'm within the weight limits (barely). So what if I'm wearing a skirt (they have a system to deal with that)? So what if I'm the only adult in line (I do care, but my friend's daughter doesn't want to go alone)? OK, I'm in.

Where I think I'm a 13-year-old boy...
January 28, 2008

Last winter I decided to learn how to snowboard. It wasn't pretty at first, but I somehow survived.
I head down, try to turn to the right, overcompensate and fall backward. Straight backwards. Both feet strapped to a plank of wood, back straight, tail bone and head making contact at almost the same instant. It's a bone-jarring, knock-the-headband-off-my-head, hurts-like-the-dickens fall.

February 13, 2008

A silly anecdote about my dog Thor.
I open the door, say hello to Loki for a moment so Thor can catch the sights, then turn around. And what do I see? Thor has *lain down* in the fresh snow on the sidewalk. Yeah, he's decided to get comfortable and settle in on the soft, cushy snow bed. Better to watch the world go by.

Who knew tea could be so hot? (Writing Love Scenes)
February 14, 2008

A post about lessons I learned at one of my writers group meetings.
"Red Sage is in the tamer end of erotica," she said.

There's murmurs of disbelief in the crowd. How could the language get much more explicit?

It's not the language, she clarifies, it's the situation: "You have one man, one woman, they're both human."

Writing: My Coffeehouse Confession
March 14, 2008

A fellow blogger laid down a writing challenge, and I tried to pick it up.
Brady explains the challenge in a very entertaining way, but I'll summarize it here: Go to a coffeehouse/place where you like to write, draw a doodle on a napkin, then write something on the napkin, and when you leave the place, leave the napkin behind for others to find. Pretty simple, right?

I'm not so sure.

Life: The karaoke train-wreck to come
April 10, 2008

As we were preparing to throw a karaoke party, I was having some performance anxietey.
Which brings us to today. Less than 48 hours to go until our next karaoke party. Same setup as previous parties, but this year with a theme -- Awesome '80s. Instead of repeating songs from previous parties, we're encouraging everyone to try new material (that was Hilly's idea -- thanks Hilly. I think.)

Unfortunately, I didn't start thinking about what songs I want to sing and practicing until this week. And here is where a few problems come into play.

Life: Googlegängers
April 11, 2008

A story about following people with your same name on the Internet. There are a few other women with the name Haley Hughes out there, and in part thanks to this article, I've conversed with at least two of them.
"This may seem a bit random, but I googled my name which is also Haley Hughes, and found your blog," my Googlegänger wrote to me in an email. "I don't email strangers like this, I just thought I'd introduce myself. It seems like such a small world!"

Dear friend with whom I haven't spoken since 1993
July 11, 2008

Sure, it's a meme post, but I really got into this one. The challenge was to write a post as if you were talking to someone you hadn't seen in 15 years. I wrote it as a letter.

It starts out like this:
Dear friend with whom I haven't spoken since 1993,

I see you met my friend Jody, The Hunter's Wife. It was really nice of her to send you over this direction so we could catch up after all these years. Since you don't have a lot of time, I'll try to be quick.


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