Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's not Friday and they may not be goofy, but they did come from Google (and Yahoo)

The Hunter's Wife likes to post her Friday's Goofy Googler. I always think it's a fun post when she does it, so I figured I'd give it a go and try it myself this week. I know, it's not Friday and the searches aren't all that goofy, but it is fresh content.

Internet searches that have found their way to my little old blog in the past week:

For the person searching how you been coming on that novel -- Slowly, thanks for asking. Oh, you mean the clip from Family Guy, don't you? I'll bet you were as bummed as I was to find that the videos have been taken down from YouTube for copyright violations. But, here's a transcript of the first video. I hope that helps.

For the people searching romantic novels online and humorous romance -- I'm sure this romantic novel online that Google images sent you to had to be a disappointment. I know the story was disappointment to me, but it was sort of humorous. Try instead. Maybe even check out Grace d'Otare's erotica story (shameless plug for a friend!).

For the person searching that's why i assaulted ren author -- Why did you assault a ren author? What is a "ren author"? I know I've never assaulted a ren author, so I'm sure you were disappointed when you read this post.

For the person wondering can you bring folding chairs in tinley park amphitheatre? -- No idea, dude. I can't remember if anyone had any at the concert I was writing about in this piece.

For the person wondering Does karaoke wreak speakers? -- I hope not, otherwise our speakers would be really big bookends by now. And I'm pretty sure you didn't find your answer here, which is where Google sent you.

For the person searching mcg members bar dress code -- I take it you're planning a trip to the Melbourne Cricket Grounds and you want to know the dress code for the members area? I'm not sure, but a year ago when I was there, the men had to wear collared shirts to sit in the members balcony, and suit jackets to sit in the dining room. Does that help?

For the person searching yellow xterra 2001 blog -- I assume you want to know if I like my yellow 2001 Xterra? Yes.

For the people searching eddie izzard -- A number of you are looking for him this week. His show was awesome. Yes, you should buy tickets.

For the person searching Godzilla -- You were doing an image search for Godzilla and saw this photo and surely wondered: What would happen if the Super Flying Screaming Monkey fought Godzilla? My husband and my nephew disagree about the outcome. What do you think would happen?

For the person searching "roller bowling" skates -- Can you really bowl on roller skates? That sounds scary. Even though Google sent you here, I'm sure you didn't find a satisfying answer.

For the person searching brecken beacon -- I wasn't sure what you could be looking for here, so I did my own search. A la Google terminology, did you mean Brecon Beacons? If so, that's a mountain range in southeast Wales. I've never been there and never written about it, but it looks pretty. My writeup about my recent visit to Breckenridge, Colo., probably didn't answer your query.

For the person searching angie evil dave letterman -- Wow. I can't believe people are still curious about the romance between Angie and Evil David Letterman. Sorry. I know nothing more than was written here.

For the person searching Haley Hughes Prairie Fire -- You found me! Hi. No, Prairie Fire hasn't been published yet. I know: What's taking so long? I've finished one version of it, but it needs another revision. Then I need to get lucky (luck is a major factor) and get an editor to fall in love with it and buy it. Know any editors?


  1. Thanks for coming by to see me for Wordless Wednesday.

    You have to wonder why some people search for the things they do. I mean what are they really thinking?

  2. @Candace & Anna - I know! Every time I do a search now, I feel really self conscious, because I know somebody, somewhere might be checking their stats for their website and wonder what I was thinking when I performed my search.

  3. I love these post. It's amazing what people search to get to your site.

  4. @The Hunter's Wife - I know. I think you have an added advantage of having the "wife" theme in your blog because it makes for some really interesting search results.


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